Tuesday, March 5

A Few Changes to Share

Hello my sweet friends!

I cannot believe March is upon us. It has come so quickly this year.  I'm not complaining. It's truly the perfect month, with beautiful weather that dances between glorious sunshine and soft refreshing rain,  I do love it.   For another reason,  I am partial to March.  Yes, it's my birthday month.  I unashamedly bask in the attention birthdays bring and firmly support the notion of a birthday month, instead of a simple day.  Therefore, the month of March typically offers me a marvelous amount of fun-filled birthday adventures.  Yet, this year a sweet new adventure has come my way that has no relation to my birthday, though it is a birth of sorts.  I have finally decided to move myself to a new little corner of this great wide web world. The time has come for me to start a fresh.

A Sweet and Salty Life has been a sweet place to share my recipe and life adventures over these last few ever-surprising years.  I have loved your support and affirmation as I shared treats and meals with you during this time.  Thank you, for believing in me.

For sometime now I have longed to restart, to think a little bigger than A Sweet and Salty Life.  It's taken me quite some time to uproot and replant myself, but I have now come to the place where I am ready to share!

I am moving to a lovely new site, which I call Natural + Lovely.  It's still in its beginning stages, but there I hope to offer you more than simple recipes.  I hope to give you the chance to taste my treats through my little etsy shop and see more of where my inspiration comes from as I share my love of art and life.  I would be honored if you would visit and stay awhile.

A Sweet and Salty Life will remain available to you. I have no plans to remove it, but I will not be adding to it.  If you would like to keep me in your life, please follow me at  Thank you again for all your love! I look forward to seeing you over at Natural + Lovely!

Cheers + Warm Wishes!
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