Thursday, January 21

The beginning...

My first blog.... what an adventure :-).

I am just as interested as you to discover what this blog will include. I have yet decided if I will ever publish it for the world, or even a few to see. I suppose time will tell.

Tonight I sit cozied up on an armchair listening to the soft tip tap of the rainstorm that has caught southern California by surprise. Lightning and thunder are making occasional appearances, causing me to jump almost every time! What awe-inspiring symbols of the power and majesty of God. Times like these demonstrate to me the utter helplessness of man and the absolute grace of God. Rain..Noah. God promised to never again flood the earth and here we are still experiencing his mercy, as the rain falls...and we live.
I love the rain. romantic, encouraging thoughts of warmth and soft candlelight, fireplaces and good novels, hot tea and toast. I find myself longing for a corner all to myself with a fluffy, inviting love-seat placed generously close to a stone fireplace, so that I can snuggle up with Pride and Prejudice, peppermint tea and a soft blanket near enough to hear the crackle and see the mesmerizing, golden flames. Yes...I am a girl. I am unashamed of my love for all things beautiful and picturesque.

As for now I will leave you, or for now, myself with one thought...find pleasure in the small day to day the sparkle of sunshine on the dewy grass after a fresh rainfall.
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