Monday, May 30

{The Everyday - Snacks}

Welcome to my new {The Everyday} posts! I've decided to take the time to share some of the foods I eat on a more regular basis.  I a finding that many of you have questions about the day to day diet.  Questions like, what do I eat for snacks or breakfast or how do I eat enough protein from a Vegan, Raw and GF menu?  I have my staples and the occasional new treats I find and try, so I thought I would begin to share these with you all.  There are so many options out there.  Let's explore them together!

This week I gave a new brand of tasty-looking granola a try.  I've been bored with my breakfast and wanted to spice it up with something! Typically GF granola is loaded with flaxseed, which I'm not  huge fan of, but this granola had all the ingredients I like to use instead! I was so excited! They had a few flavors and though tempted to try all of them, as is my nature, I limited myself to two.  I'm not going to lie, the price for these little goody bags was not easy to swallow, but such is the game with Raw,Vegan and GF food.  The Cherry Ginger and Cranberry Orange were the flavors that made the final cut and came home with me that day.   Needless to say I did not have the patience to wait until morning to give each a  try.  I popped the bags open on the way home and took a nibble a bit of each.  Wow.  I was even more excited.  Each kind had a perfect blend of spice, nutty oatiness and that tart, yet still sweet, dried fruit! I loved both flavors!

When I got home I sat and read a bit about the company.  A wonderful part about the Vegan, GF and Raw community is the stories behind the process of the food.  Real people, small operations and a passion for the health of others.  Typically you can find out about it all on the packaging, but their websites are always fun to visit as well.  Laughing Giraffe Organics is one such company.  They are the creative geniuses behind these new finds.  A family run business, this company makes all of their products by hand. It's aspects like this that make me ok with paying a greater amount for my food.  Quality over quantity, so the opposite of the rest of our commercialized and processed food.  You get what you pay for!  I also love their vision.  They say it well. Yay for pure and whole nutritious food! 

"Laughing Giraffe Organics provides healthy snack foods that are made from the finest organic ingredients. Because our products are made from real unprocessed foods, they are extremely rich in nutritional value. Small amounts will satisfy your snack needs more than “empty calorie” snack foods. Real foods have real calories that are needed to stay healthy and they taste great!"

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