Monday, June 20

{The Everyday - My Morning Necessity}

It's  morning and my first thought goes to a my favorite, wake up tradition, a steaming mug of peppermint tea.  A few sips and I feel my very soul relax and settle.  It's the most soothing and comforting drink I have ever experienced.  It also calms my stomach and helps prepare my digestive system for the day.

I began drinking it a year or so ago, when a cup with 2 tbsp of coconut oil mixed in was recommended, to soothe my extreme intestinal pains. This remedy relieved the stubborn pain within 30 minutes, making me an instant fan.

I began with Traditional Medicine's version, but moved on to Yogi's tea when TM stopped making their version.  I highly recommend Yogi's peppermint tea for anyone.

My day begins well when I have my tea, so those little tea bags travel with me.  Like today, I am vacationing in Mammoth Lake and my trusty mug is sitting right beside me as I type!

So whether you experience intestinal pain or would just like to feel relaxed and fresh for your day, I definitely recommend giving peppermint tea a try. You may find that it's the perfect start to your day as well.

Happy sipping!
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