Saturday, June 9

{Hello Little Egg}

Since the Fall of 2008, I haven't eaten an Egg or Egg White a la carte.  As my gut has been slowly healing, I've considered reintroducing Eggs slowly back into my diet.  I'll eat them on occasion when they're mixed into breads, but never all by themselves.  Well, this morning I decided to finally do it!  I started with one Egg White, hoping to not overwhelm my system.  I figured if an unfavorable reaction occurred at least it'd be smaller than a two Egg reaction!

Cracking open the Egg almost felt wrong.  I kept cleaning all the utensils after they touched the Egg, laughing at myself as I would suddenly remember the Egg was going in me anyways! I'm so use to making Eggs for my husband and cleaning everything after so I can safely use it.  As I cooked the Egg I kept staring at it, watching it slowly form, absorbing the fact that this little guy was going in me.  Still felt odd, but I was curious.

I toasted some of my favorite gluten-free Garlic Bread from Johanna's Bakery, warmed up some organic Black Beans and sliced some Avocado to pair with the little Egg White. I hoped it wouldn't be too bad.

I took my first bite.  Chewing slowly, I finally swallowed and waited.  A bit of itchiness started, but it stayed slight. My throat tightened, but again it was slight.  Hmmmm okay, second bite, nothing worse happened.  Alright! A few minutes later I was staring at my empty bowl with a satisfied grin.  Woot! I did it! It's now been an hour and I'm still breathing and living just fine.

Conclusion: I like Eggs.  I want to eat more of them.  I don't think I could eat one everyday, but perhaps once or twice a week will be okay for my body.  Hurray! Thanks for sharing my little Egg victory with me!

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