Wednesday, December 29

A Fresh Beginning

Hello friends! I thought I would drop a line, despite not having a new recipe to share.  Life is full of surprises and this week has been no exception.  It's taking a fresh new turn for me and I look forward to what is to come. An undiscovered adventure awaits I am sure, but until then I hope to become reacquainted with a love, the love of creating, experimenting, capturing and {everything free} goodies.

I am excited to learn more about myself and the world around me as I continue on the journey set before me.  For life is a beautiful gift, if we choose to see it as such.  No matter the circumstance or stage I find myself in I hope to let go of each day and know that provisions will come, friendships will grow and change and my purpose will always remain the same.

I do have a little something fun to share with you! I recently received a beautiful gift for Christmas and because everyone is asking where I got's the place to go! Emilee Sutherland with Tasteful Tatters, is my new favorite accessory designer.  Creating beauty from the simplest and loveliest fabrics, Emilee designs pieces that are truly captivating.

{Compliments of Emilee Sutherland Photography}

I hope you have the time to peruse through her work and perhaps collect a few treasures yourself! Enjoy!
As the holiday season comes to a close, I challenge you to truly begin afresh.  See the beauty around you and take the time to cherish each new morning.  Love others.

Have a wonderful and merry new year my friends!

Tuesday, December 14

Vegan Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, so need I say more?  Creating the perfect recipe has been a dream of mine.  I’m nowhere cocky enough to say that this recipe is the best recipe you will ever find, but I am rather proud of the result! It’s a tasty, healthy and allergy-friendly version of grandma’s decadent carrot cake.  You will want a second slice and you'll still feel great after having it!

When it came to frosting this cake, I was determined to find that perfect vanilla frosting.  I have a difficult time so far because I want to create a recipe without sugar and butter.  I was fortunate to find a great candidate at Elana’s Pantry.  Elana has fabulous, allergy-friendly recipes that will inspire you, so maybe head over there after you give this recipe a try!  She has a great frosting recipe that I used for this carrot cake and it really turned out well.  My only complaint (if you can really even call it that) is its need for refrigeration, but that's just the nature of the ingredients I suppose! 

So dear friends, here it is.  This lovely carrot cake is my own little creation, full of my favorite, safe spices and unique twists!

{Vegan Gluten-Free Carrot Cake}

~ 1 two-layered cake

1 cup Brown Rice Flour
1 cup Chickapea/Garbanzo Bean Flour
½ cup Sorghum Flour
½ cup Coconut Flour
1 TBSP Ground Ginger
1 tsp Ground Cloves
2 tsp Cinnamon
1 ½ tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Xanthan Gum
¾ tsp Sea Salt

1/3 cup + 1 TBSP Ground Chia Seed
(I would recommend 1/4-1/3 cup for a fluffier cake, reduce water to ¾ cup if you do so)
1 ½ cup Warm Water

1 TBSP Vanilla Extract
1 cup Grapeseed Oil
1 cup Light Coconut Milk
1 cup Agave
1 cup Sucant

1 ¾ cup Grated Carrots (about 4 medium carrots)
1 cup Raisins

To begin, preheat oven to 350 degrees and grease two 9inch cake pans, layering the bottoms with parchment paper.  Mix all the dry ingredients listed first, in a medium bowl.  In a small bowl, combine the Grounded Chia and Water; mix it and let it sit for 10-15 minutes.  While your waiting, grate your Carrots.  Pull out another large bowl and whisk the Vanilla, Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Milk, Agave, Sucant and Grounded Chia mixture.  Then, slowly begin to add the dry mixture to your large bowl. Stir well and fold in your Grated Carrots and Raisins.  Pour into prepared pans and bake for 30 to 35 minutes (can vary slightly depending on your oven).  The surface of your cake should be a dark golden brown and a toothpick should come out clean. 

{Vegan Coconut Cream Frosting}
*compliments of Elana’s Pantry

~frosts 1 two layer cake or 24 cupcakes

1 cup Light Coconut Milk
1 cup Agave
pinch of Sea Salt
5 tsp Arrowroot Powder
1 TBSP Water
1 ¼ cup Coconut Oil

Pull out a saucepan and pour Coconut Milk, Agave and Sea Salt into it and let it simmer for 10 minutes.  Combine the Arrowroot and Water in a small bowl until it becomes a paste, then add to saucepan.  Whisk the ingredients vigorously until it’s shiny. It really does become shiny!  Turn off the stove and gradually blend in the coconut oil.  Let it cool for 10 minutes, then place it into a container for refrigeration.  Refrigerate the frosting for at least an hour and a half, until it turns white and solidifies. I refrigerated mine overnight.  When you are ready to frost your cake, pull it out and whisk until it’s fluffy.  Sample a bit… and frost your cake!

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