Wednesday, December 29

A Fresh Beginning

Hello friends! I thought I would drop a line, despite not having a new recipe to share.  Life is full of surprises and this week has been no exception.  It's taking a fresh new turn for me and I look forward to what is to come. An undiscovered adventure awaits I am sure, but until then I hope to become reacquainted with a love, the love of creating, experimenting, capturing and {everything free} goodies.

I am excited to learn more about myself and the world around me as I continue on the journey set before me.  For life is a beautiful gift, if we choose to see it as such.  No matter the circumstance or stage I find myself in I hope to let go of each day and know that provisions will come, friendships will grow and change and my purpose will always remain the same.

I do have a little something fun to share with you! I recently received a beautiful gift for Christmas and because everyone is asking where I got's the place to go! Emilee Sutherland with Tasteful Tatters, is my new favorite accessory designer.  Creating beauty from the simplest and loveliest fabrics, Emilee designs pieces that are truly captivating.

{Compliments of Emilee Sutherland Photography}

I hope you have the time to peruse through her work and perhaps collect a few treasures yourself! Enjoy!
As the holiday season comes to a close, I challenge you to truly begin afresh.  See the beauty around you and take the time to cherish each new morning.  Love others.

Have a wonderful and merry new year my friends!


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