Thursday, September 6

{A Simply Sweet Morning}

Breakfast. This meal can be a relaxing pleasant treat for waking up or a stressful frustration that must be faced time and time again. I find myself bouncing back and forth between these two. Some mornings it's easy peasy to create a satisfying and enjoyable meal, but often I find myself out of ideas and weary of the few options I see in the fridge. Needless to say, my creative juices are rarely flowing in those early hours.

To keep from focusing on the downer mornings, I decided to celebrate the lovely and peaceful morning I enjoyed today. My favorite breakfast meal of the year to date graced the table. Paired with a few slices of yummy savory turkey bacon and a cozy immunity-boosting tea, it was perfect.  

I also wanted to share one of my key morning and night gut gifts to myself. Yes, I called it a gut gift. My little intestines can always use more good bacteria to break down the food I eat during the day and digest through the night. I found this lovely dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan kefir a year or so ago and love it.  My body responds well to it and I've seen improvement in my digestion since taking it. Three flavors are available, but my favorite is the berry. Sold in most health food stores. It's called Inner-Eco. Did I mention I love it?

{Jessi's Favorite Breakfast}

Handful of fresh organic Blueberries

I hope your breakfasts are on the peaceful side this week. Wishing you good health and sweet mornings! Cheers!
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