Monday, November 29

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

It's been a while since my last note to you all and for that I must apologize.  Life has taken me on a journey this year and these last few weeks have been no exception.  I wish I had a career in the culinary arts, but for now that dream is at bay.  Instead, I have two normal jobs which have lovely and difficult parts to them.  Hopefully after this week life will slow down a bit and I will be able to spend more time in my little neglected kitchen. 

Ironically, it's been raining cook/nutritional books of late and I am just antsy to break into them and put their recipes/nutritional theories to the test.  As you may have gathered from reading my notes, I am slightly obsessed with books, especially any that share nutritional/food information.  I love to learn new or even old ideas, just the thought of it gets me excited!  Today I am sharing with you the result of a delicious bread.  The recipe comes from one of my old favorites, NYC Babycakes, and surprisingly I actually followed it almost to a tee! I exchanged the rice milk with almond, but that's it.  It really was quite out of the ordinary for me!  
{Banana Chocolate Chip Bread}

Since I did create the bread straight from Erin's cookbook and I believe in supporting chefs that create the seemingly "impossible" recipes {in other words the delicious treats that are free of dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, etc.} I will not be posting the recipe for you here.  I want you to find her cookbook and find it yourself.  It's designed beautifully and the bakery is promoted by many of its celebrity fans.  Believe me the book is so worth the expense and there are many more wonderfully yummy recipes for you to try too. Erin, you make a perfectly fluffy, sweet and satisfying Banana Chocolate Chip Bread.  Thank you for your many labored hours in that little New York kitchen of yours! 

Monday, November 8

Vegan Black Bean Burgers

This past week I had a hankering for something filling and flavorful.  Typically I would make a yummy salmon or chicken dish, but my diet has altered a bit of late.  Growing up, I willingly called myself a carnivore.  I definitely enjoyed the flavor of beef, chicken and fish.  Currently though I have been avoiding animal protein and eating more of a vegan diet.  So these tasty foods were out the question when considering flavorful and filling options...

It's been quite a journey, but I have to say that lately my body has shown some amazing improvements!  I truly believe avoiding animal proteins has greatly helped with this.  My little stomach as well as my intestines haven't had to work as hard to digest.  My theory is that because my body isn't putting all its effort into creating enzymes to break down the food I'm eating and/or working at it for hours at a time, it can focus on other functions that are vital for maintaining a healthy body!  So, anyways that's a tid bit behind why I'm eating vegan!

For today's recipe I give you a tasty vegan meal that fits the "filling and flavorful" criteria perfectly.  This recipe has a bit of freedom to it, as you'll see.  Don't be intimidated by the lack of measurements for the seasonings and spices, just have fun with it.  Personalize it and satisfy your own palette!

{Vegan Black Bean Burgers}

~makes 12 "Patties"

1 can of Organic Black Beans
1 Fresh Tomato chopped
1 Garlic Clove diced
2 TBSP chopped White Onion
2 chopped Green Onions
2 Whole Carrots diced
1 Cup Sunflower Seeds

*add to taste

Pink Sea Salt
Garlic Salt
Fine Black Pepper
Crushed Chili Pepper
Chili Powder

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Blend the Sunflower Seeds in a blender until mostly ground and set aside.  Drain the Black Beans and pour into your blender.  Add the ground Sunflower Seeds, chopped Tomato, Garlic, Green Onion and all the spices/seasonings you want to your blender and blend! Pour into a small bowl and add the well diced Carrots and White Onion. Stir well to create a thick consistency.  Scoop 1 to 2 TBSPs onto a lightly greased baking sheet.  Use the spoon to shape the mixture like a patty.  Place baking sheet into the oven and bake for 25-30 minutes until baked all the way through!

I like to create my "burger" by placing the patty on a piece of toasted Udi's whole grain bread with mustard, ketchup, fresh spinach and a few thin slices of avocado. YUM! I was so surprised by how much it tasted like a regular meat patty. Nutritious and tasty, yes please!


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Monday, November 1

Agave Glazed Walnuts

Nuts, nuts, nuts... I love nuts.  There are so many varieties to choose from, pecans, almonds, macadamia nuts, brazilian nuts, coconuts and of course walnuts.  They're a delicious source of healthy fat and can be used in many creative ways.  My recent attempts with eating Raw have shown me the versatility of the nut. Crusts, breads, smoothies, cream, ice cream...all can be made with the simple nut!

The recipe I'm sharing with you today creates a heavenly walnut.  Originally inspired and borrowed from my sweet friend Noel, you will love the simplicity of this recipe! I understand there are some nut haters out there, but before you judge I would give these glazed goodies a try. Sweet and yet still nutty, I suggest starting with these if you're normally not a walnut fan. Sprinkle them on a salad, add them to ice cream or even eat a few as a snack. You may be surprised by their tasty flavor!

{Agave Glazed Walnuts}

4 TBSP Raw Agave Syrup
2 TBSP Earth Balance-Soy Free Version
1 Cup Gluten-Free Raw Walnuts

Pour it all into a medium pan and sauté on medium heat.
When the Walnuts are hot, lower the flame and allow the nuts to simmer until the glaze has become thick.  You will know the Walnuts are ready when there is no liquid in the pan and the nuts have completely soaked up the Agave and Earth Balance. Let them cool and then store the nuts in an air tight container to keep them soft and moist.

Eat a few as a snack or dessert or a topping for your salad and enjoy the beautiful benefits of these nutritious nuts!

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