Monday, November 29

Banana Chocolate Chip Bread

It's been a while since my last note to you all and for that I must apologize.  Life has taken me on a journey this year and these last few weeks have been no exception.  I wish I had a career in the culinary arts, but for now that dream is at bay.  Instead, I have two normal jobs which have lovely and difficult parts to them.  Hopefully after this week life will slow down a bit and I will be able to spend more time in my little neglected kitchen. 

Ironically, it's been raining cook/nutritional books of late and I am just antsy to break into them and put their recipes/nutritional theories to the test.  As you may have gathered from reading my notes, I am slightly obsessed with books, especially any that share nutritional/food information.  I love to learn new or even old ideas, just the thought of it gets me excited!  Today I am sharing with you the result of a delicious bread.  The recipe comes from one of my old favorites, NYC Babycakes, and surprisingly I actually followed it almost to a tee! I exchanged the rice milk with almond, but that's it.  It really was quite out of the ordinary for me!  
{Banana Chocolate Chip Bread}

Since I did create the bread straight from Erin's cookbook and I believe in supporting chefs that create the seemingly "impossible" recipes {in other words the delicious treats that are free of dairy, gluten, soy, eggs, etc.} I will not be posting the recipe for you here.  I want you to find her cookbook and find it yourself.  It's designed beautifully and the bakery is promoted by many of its celebrity fans.  Believe me the book is so worth the expense and there are many more wonderfully yummy recipes for you to try too. Erin, you make a perfectly fluffy, sweet and satisfying Banana Chocolate Chip Bread.  Thank you for your many labored hours in that little New York kitchen of yours! 


Mary said...

That looks great. I love hos it doesn't seem overly-dense as a lot of banana bread turns out. Yum! :)

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