Thursday, March 18

A day at the Grove...

Although I have technically lived in Los Angeles for almost four years now, I have never been to the Grove.  A beautiful slice of L.A., the Grove is a place everyone should experience at one point or another.  I went with friends today and it was lovely.  I received a taste and now plan to return with a camera, cash for the market and no set expectations.  L.A. provides the ideal setting for individuals like myself.  The people watching is exquisite and everywhere you turn there is an amazing angle or arrangement to photograph.  This is why I should go alone next time...I could hardly keep up with my girlfriends because I was so struck by the colors and textures and variety of faces and dress.  Oh, to have a real camera! My little point and shoot was just not enough to capture the beautiful diversity around me.

The permanent farmers market towards the end of the Grove had an array of international foods and unique trinkets.  I could have milled about there for hours.  A vintage boutique was filled with delicate treasures, jars of knick knacks from decades past and classic, glass bottles lined up along the walls.  

I was in heaven when I past by a few produce booths. 
My favorite subject to photograph, the vegetables and fruit, were rich, vibrant colors.  I could not pass by with out capturing a bit of the fresh, simple beauty.

Evian, I am impressed.  I almost fell over when I found their beautifully designed, glass water bottles...just lovely.  The striped bottles immediately made me think of a summer party in my backyard, with colorful dish-ware, Crate and Barrel style.

The Grove livens up at night.  People are milling about, everywhere.  Again, so fascinating! I sense a strong individuality among these people.  They put forth so much effort to be original in their dress and look.  Respect is given or withheld depending on your image.  Outsiders are easily identified, as it takes a well-developed knowledge of current, urban fashion to blend in.  The women rock amazing heels with almost any and every outfit.  Men look polished, whether they sport the grungy, rolled-out-of-bed-on-purpose look or the designer jeans and shoes ensemble.  Today,  I was reminded of the general rule, never look too put screams "trying too hard".  

Speaking of style...the Anthropologie at the Grove is just gorgeous. fell in love with the layout of the store and their spring collection is absolutely lovely.  Anthro you have perfected the look of feminine delicacy and mystique through your clothing line.  Thank you.

Soon West L.A. I will return and, perhaps, a stop by Babycakes for a tea and treat before hand might perfect the day.  Done!, Babycakes and the Grove will be my next adventure.  A delightful plan, yes?  Well, so long and to all who celebrate it...happy Saint Patrick's Day!


juniorj said...

Hey, I just went there for the first time with my wife and some friends a couple of months ago. Yes, people should go at least once.

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