Thursday, March 11

My LA Adventure...

{Courtesy of BabyCakes}

Babycakes, oh glorious bakery of I told my sweet friend on the returning drive, you satisfy something deep within my soul...
For those of you who are yet unfamiliar with this little taste of heaven, let me introduce you.  Babycakes is an allergy-sensative bakery in the hub of New York city.  The owner Erin, a San Diego native, has had such success  there that she decided to open another bakery in L.A. Needless to say, when I discovered her plans I was ecstatic.  My friend Kristina and I share the gluten-free lifestyle, so she of course was the perfect pal for this adventure! We made the trip into the city last Friday and I am still raving...

Besides the expected grumbles about traffic and parking, oh and the few close-to-death-experiences driving amongst LAers, we arrived alive and quite giddy.  I felt like a little girl again, on the eve of Christmas morning.  After parking, we entered the quaint, little shop on 7th street.  The classic, neon sign welcomed us as the cute, little, window decor made us, yes, almost squeal.  Walking in I was overwhelmed by the delicious smell.  A beautiful layout of gluten-free goodness was before me...oh blast.  I had to make decisions! I knew this would prove difficult.  I leaned over the counter to get a closer look at the tasty cinnamon swirls, heavenly! 
It took  a bit of courage to say no to a few, but I was finally able to get down to a more reasonable selection...or so I told myself.  One carrot cupcake with lavender, colored frosting (a traditional favorite of course), one red velvet cupcake (something I have never tried before), a double chocolate chip cookie, the famous cookie sandwich (which, may I say, is still rocking my world!),  an agave sweetened brownie bite, a slice of chocolate chip banana loaf and finally some 1/2 off cornbread....pretty much I left with enough pastries to last me the next few weeks.  Obviously, this was the apparent outcome of a seriously indecisive nature and a general deprivation of deliciousness.  

Savoring every single bite, I slowly enjoyed my carrot cupcake and sipped the refreshing, mint tea they had available.  The scene was perfection itself, my cupcake resting on a delicate, tea plate with an elegant, victorian style, silver fork ready to fill my mouth with pure goodness, interesting and rare people to observe and a wonderful friend to share it all with.  

The shop itself was retro 50's vintage, full of "stylish" LAers acting, as only LAers can act.  It held a certain charm that was inescapable.  The girls serving the pastries were friendly and cheerful, ready to offer information about the shop's upcoming growth and any other inquires.  

Thank you Babycakes for considering the West coast just as worthy of your treats as the East coast! The cookie sandwich has been by far the most delectable goodie I have ever, yes, ever had.  I can see why it is a favorite of regulars. 

{Courtesy of BabyCakes}

 Believe it or not, I am still slowly nibbling away at the treasury of goodies I brought back. It is almost unexplainable the utter joy I feel when eating something so divine and experiencing nothing, but a desire for more of it afterwards.  Well Babycakes, you have impressed me and I will have to return! After all, my birthday is coming soon.....

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{Courtesy of BabyCakes}


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