Wednesday, February 9

Bean Spread & Goat Chevre Date Appetizer

I cooked my own beans! My friend Alisa had me over the other day and shared her freshly cooked beans…after my first few bites I was asking for instructions! I just loved it! I can make them the perfect texture and saltiness that I want.  It also saves money buying in bulk and I can have more variety, blend all sorts of beans together to create mixes or dishes.  I also avoid the possible poisoning from the metal can and eat it sooner cause it’s fresh in my refrigerator, some nice side benefits.  I am also in LOVE with the Chocolate Heirloom Tomato.  I just tried it for the first time at my weekly farmers market run and could not leave the stand with out at least three!

I thought it’d be fun to try making a spread with my lovely food processor and use the Beans and Tomatoes.  It turned into an idea for an appetizer and soon I was pulling out my other favorite that I have yet to share with you, the Chevre-stuffed Medjool Dates, yes you may start drooling now. I am.  So enjoy, and now perhaps you will have a pretty little treat to bring to your next party!

{Arugula Bean Spread}


1 cup Assorted Cooked Beans
 (such as Black, Kidney, Lima, etc)
Handful of washed Organic Arugula
Dash of Minced Fresh Garlic or Garlic Flakes
¼ cup freshly Chopped Red Onion
Pink Himalayan Salt to taste

Organic Chocolate Heirloom Tomato
Organic English Cucumber

Combine first set of ingredients in a food processor and well, process! Then dice the Chocolate Heirloom Tomato and gently fold into the spread.  Slice your English Cucumber and spread with the dip for a delicious appetizer. 

{Goat Chevre-Stuffed Medjool Dates}


Choice or fancy Medjool Dates
Goat Chevre (I used a Chevre flavored with garlic and herbs)  

Delicately slice Dates long-ways and remove pit.  Use a spoon to carve off a bit of the Chevre.  Use your fingers to slightly roll the Chevre long-ways.  Gently open each Date and place the rolled Chevre inside, closing the Date’s skin around it to finish. Arrange Dates on an oiled sheet and bake at 300 degrees for 10-15minutes or until the Chevre begins to ooze out of the Date.  Pull out and let cool, then serve warm.  


Alisa Wright said...

Way to go, Jess! Everything looks delicious!

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