Monday, July 9

{Strawberries and Cream}

Sometimes I just love the sweet simplicity of fruit.  This month ripe Strawberries have my attention. With their pure, divine flavor, they are simply a fruit like no other.  We have many local strawberry fields here in Carlsbad, so I'm a bit spoiled.  At the farmers' market it's common to see boxes and boxes of organic ruby-red Strawberries, plump with juice and goodness.  So, it's no surprise that they are a summer constant in my fridge!

 I love to try new food combinations and pairings whenever I get the chance and just the other day I brought home a new delicious Goat Chevre from Trader Joe's.  I quickly decided it needed to be tried with the Strawberries.  The result: mouth-watering perfection.  This little combo has proved to be a perfect treat and easy dessert for any summer party!

{Strawberries and Cream}

Bowl of fresh ripe organic Strawberries
Honey Goat Chevre (Trader Joe's)
Gluten-Free Rice Crackers (Trader Joe's)

I've tried this numerous times now and actually have two ways of enjoying this treat!
One: Wash and cut the tops of your Strawberries and dip straight into a little bowl of Honey Chevre.
Two: Spread the Honey Chevre on Gluten-Free Rice Crackers, then thinly slice your Strawberries and arrange on them each Cracker.  Voila!



Jess said...

That looks/sounds so delicious!

{Sweet and Salty} said...

Thanks Jess! You're so sweet :).

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