Thursday, February 4

My food adventures....

Tonight I thought I would let you all in on a different side of myself. So, for those of you who do not know....I am gluten-free, soy-free, egg-free, and supposedly, ha, dairy-free. No, I am not starving and, yes, I do miss oreos. I found out all this about a year and a half ago and ever since have attempted to find food that tastes good and, well, not like many of the "free" foods do. This has been an adventure, and as many of my friends can tell you, there have been good results and....

I am an independent college student attempting to eat well and not pay for it...literally :-).

Lately, I have a had a few successes! For some reason, I have had a few really, good turnouts lately and decided I should document them. It is encouraging to remember success, especially when the failures begin to add up!

They are all dinner entrees..since I really only have time to be creative in the evening!

Entree 1: Baked Sweetened Lemon Salmon

Ingredients -
1 Fillet of Alaskan Salmon
Agave Syrup
Sea Salt

small sauce pot
baking dish

First, I defrosted my frozen salmon fillet in warm way I have found to defrost things. I turned the oven on to about 325 and placed my sauce pot on low heat. I then poured about 1/4 c of the agave into the sauce pot to simmer while I sliced my lemon in half and "juiced" it with my metal spoon into the student remember :-). I sprinkled some salt in the mixture, stirring it continually as it began to bubble. Turning it off, I let the mixture cool.

I unwrapped my salmon and placed it in a ziplock baggie, pouring the cooled mixture in with it. I let the fillet marinate for about 30min, but for more flavor I would advise longer.

I sprayed my pan with non-stick and poured in the fillet and marinade. I tried to keep as much of the marinade on top, as well as around the fillet, as possible.

Slipping it into the preheated oven, I let it cook till there was a beautiful glaze and it was cooked all the way through...30mins? It came out a beautiful, deep pink and had a delicious, honey crisp on the outside. It fell apart beautifully and, yes, it really did melt in my mouth! I loved the balanced combination of sweetness and tart. It really gave salmon a whole new flavor for me!

I think I will put the other two recipes on separate posts...might be a bit easier to read :-).


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