Thursday, February 4

Saute, anyone...?

As promised....

Entree 2: A New Italian Saute be honest, if asked how I cook most meals my answer is almost always...saute.

Trader Joes Marinera Sauce
Apple Chicken Sausage
Agave Nectar
Sea Salt
Baby Mushrooms
Slice of bread...rice bread for me!
Ghee..or butter

Sauce pan
small bowl

I began by chopping my sausage, zuccini, and mushrooms. I tossed them into my sauce pan on medium heat with a splash of olive oil. In the small bowl I mixed the marinera sauce, a teaspoon or so of oregano and basil, a pinch of salt and about a tablespoon of agave nectar. Once my sauage and veggies were begining to brown I tossed the sauce in and kept it all moving as it heated and absorbed the flavors.

Last I toasted my bread and covered it thinly with ghee...clarified, caesin-free and lactose-free butter, you may use butter :-).

For the fabulous finish I put the toast in a shallow medium size bowl and poured the sauted goodness on top! Oh it was delicious! This one has earned a permanent spot in my weekly menu :-).


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