Wednesday, March 31

A Month Off

As a part of trying to listen to and understand my body, I occasionally try to remove certain pieces of my diet to observe the effects.  Since my birthday, I have been overloaded with sugary treats.  Lately, my body has a general tiredness that I cannot evade and, ironically, despite this I still have a difficult time falling sleep.  I decided to try eliminating sugar from my diet for a month.  
I begin this little trial in 10 minutes  and, as a desperate measure, I must admit I just ate blackberries with frosting.... Odd combination I know, but I couldn't bear the thought of throwing away my extra birthday cake frosting in the morning.  
So the plan is that all of my recipe posts this month will be sugar-free. By this I mean no processed or refined sugar, agave and natural fruit sugar will be my sweeteners...still debating on natural maple syrup. I am excited to add this little challenge to my {everything-free} lifestyle....cause now it really will be {everything-free}! 
Ha, and so it begins....


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