Thursday, April 8

A tasty, healthy and easy breakfast...

I am currently eating a delicious little ensemble I created this morning.  It's a rather simple compilation, yet somehow so tasty!  It offers rich color and vitamins with one of my favorite vegetables, asparagus, and a sizable amount of hearty protein for morning energy and lasting satisfaction.  This treat is, of course, sauteed!  Surprise, surprise... 

Fresh Asparagus
Smoked, Apple Chardonnay Chicken Sausage
Olive oil spray
Sea Salt 
Raw Agave 

*I bought all of my ingredients from Trader Joe's, but you can use any brand and adjust the salt and agave accordingly.

1. Chop the asparagus into three parts (don't forget to cut of the dry end!)
2. Spray a pan with the olive oil and heat
3. Toss asparagus into the heated pan and every few minutes stir or flip asparagus
4. When slightly blackened (should have a bit of a grilled look) turn off heat and sprinkle sea salt
5. Heat up a sausage and slice into little discs
6. Combine in serving bowl and mix
7. Last, but not least, drizzle very lightly with the agave

Wahla! Deliciousness is served!

Enjoy :)


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