Wednesday, January 26

A Little Update

Hello all! I'm back! I just returned from a lovely road trip to Utah and Colorado.  Having never experienced these states before it was a time of new discoveries and adventure.  I had the company of my best friend and love, which made the the journey even better, because he was there to witness the majesty of the mountains and snow along with me!

As always I had to prepare for the trip with all sorts of quick go-to snacks and meals.  It's getting easier each time and I actually felt pretty prepared this trip.  I also made a fun discovery that got me rather excited while traveling.  Apparently, Whole Foods is popular in Salt Lake City, Utah and all over the state of Colorado! If you didn't already know....Whole Foods is like Disneyland to me.  I'm a bit obsessed... So needless to say it was a great stop for when I needed just about anything.  Thank you dear Whole Foods!

Unfortunately, while skiing in Utah I had a health problem arise that landed me in the hospital for a day.  An undiagnosed response/infection caused my body to...well, for lack of an adequate medical term, freak out.  Praise God, I had dear dear friends about me and kind doctors that tried to help.  I came away somewhat relieved of the pain, but with questions unanswered and symptoms undiagnosed.  Thankfully I am home now and have spent a few days recovering.  Today I woke feeling energized and rested, so I think I am definitely on the mend! I am choosing to hope that answers will come in time.

Happy Wednesday to you all!


Stephanie said...

Beautiful pictures! You should see the mountains in the spring, when the snow is mostly melting, and things are starting to turn green!

I hope you get feeling better soon!

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

Aw that would be beautiful! I will have to go back :) Thanks! :)

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