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Vegan Raw Samoa Cookies

January, a month of beginnings and new resolutions.  By now many have already given up on those dreams and goals, allowing themselves to sink back into the well-worn trail of 2010.  It's easy to concoct beautiful visions of new and refreshing habits and lifestyles, but difficult to stay true to them as time passes.  Our daily life swirls around us, slowly wiping away the conviction, motivation and memory we had only weeks before.
Last January I took on a little dream of my own, which over time has built up this lovely Sweet and Salty Life of mine.  Creating this blog was the result of a few nudges, a bit of foodie-film inspiration and a deep desire to write about my culinary creations and experiences.  A year later, I am still here and loving every time I get to share a bit of my story. 
As a part of acknowledging my journey I just want to thank each and everyone of you that have encouraged me, sampled my tasty and perhaps not so tasty experiments, taken the time to read my thoughts, given feedback and most of all shown such a desire to love what has become my passion.  

So cheers to another year of culinary adventure and to all of you my dear friends!

To continue the adventure I bring you a girlscout-inspired treat, the Samoa Cookie! A delicious concoction, this recipe was a pleasant surprise thanks to my delightful, new food processor.  By far my favorite gift from my parents, I have had such fun playing with nuts, fruit, flour, etc. in my beautiful Cuisenart.  The cookie for today is completely Vegan with frosting that is both Vegan and Raw.  Could it be any better for you? 

{Vegan Samoa Cookie}


1/4 cup Raw Cashews
1/4 cup Raw Almonds
1 TBSP Raw Chia Seeds
1 cup Gluten-Free Oats
1 tsp Macca Powder
2 TBSP Raw Coconut Nectar (raw agave or honey might work as well...just haven't tried it yet!)
1 TBSP Raw Maple Syrup (again....your choice)

3 TBSP Raw Coconut Oil
1-2 TBSP Raw Agave Nectar
2 1/1 tsp Raw Cocoa Powder
Dash of Cinnamon
Dash of Pink Sea Salt

Begin by processing the Nuts, Seeds and Oats together.  Add the Macca quickly after and continue to process.  Drizzle in the Coconut Nectar and Maple Syrup and pulse. Use a rubber spatula to scrape the sides and pulse again until the Nuts, Seeds and Oats stick together.  Scoop out and place in a pan lined with parchment paper.  Spread the base pressing it outward  with clean hands until the surface is even and it's about 1/4-1/2 inch thick.  Place the pan in the refrigerator for 30-45 minutes. 

While it's hardening, combine all the frosting ingredients in the processor and process until smooth and lightly warm.  Pull out the base and frost your cookie! Return the pan to the refrigerator (for longer preservation put in freezer) until frosting is hardened.  When ready, cut into bars and enjoy! They soften the longer they are out of the fridge or freezer, but you'll eat each so quick you probably won't even notice!

Good luck with your 2011 dreams, may they be just as sweet as this simply delicious treat.

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Anonymous said...

I'm bookmarking this as they look amazing! I love how they're healthy, vegan and raw!

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

Thank you Bean! I really think you should make them. You will not be able to get enough I can promise you that :).

Anonymous said...

That was my fav Girl Scout cookie. Full of nasty gluten and other things, yours look much healthier, but with all the good flavors.

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

Yay Wendy! The samoa and the thin mint were mine :). I'm hoping to make the thin mint some day too!

The Grecian Garden said...

You are a genius! A healthy and satisfying Samoa! My sister loves samoas, i'm going to send her this link :)

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

Hahaha thank you! Yes, please do! I really hope she enjoys them :).

Noel Solomon said...

You take AMAZING photos!!!

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

Thank you! It's one of my favorite parts of blogging...I just love capturing it all :).

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