Thursday, March 24

{Golden Honey Coconut Carrot Cake}

Happy Thursday dear friends! Despite the forecast of rain on my birthday, Jesus brought me sunshine! A beautiful, vibrant blue sky greeted me Wednesday morning and I couldn't have been more surprised.  What a perfect and lovely birthday present to welcome in my golden birthday.

I love to bake.  Rarely ever pass up an opportunity to bake a cake, I just had to bake my favorite for my special day.  I truly dislike creating cakes without a reason, even though I could use the practice.  I like to have friends and family to savor my victory or eat the failure.  Cake needs company.  I chose one of  my favorites, a delicious Carrot Cake, and whipped up a heavenly Coconut Honey Frosting to complete this scrumptious dessert.  I just finished off a slice tonight and oh dear is it good.  Nothing like the moist and almost chewy texture of a good carrot cake on your birthday or the day after!

I used a delightful recipe that came out quite nicely in my new spring-form cake pans (thank you mom!).  The cake and frosting recipes came from other baking geniuses, but I added a few twists of my own to both and loved the results!  I'm starting to get the hang of frosting.  It's had me in tears multiple times, so I was pleasantly surprised when  it developed smoothly and tasted divine!  A pet peeve I have with frosting has made the process more difficult than it normally should be.  I just can't help this one.

I hate powdered sugar and shortening in frosting.  It gives me a major sugar rush (the bad kind) and a headache within minutes of eating.

If you are familiar with frosting ingredients, this eliminates just about every good thick, creamy frosting recipe known to man kind, well practically.  Fortunately, I found one that uses agave/honey and coconut oil.  Most I've tried melt after being pulled out of the fridge and create a gooey, oily frosting that looks and tastes terrible.  Not this one, it's actually thick and frosts nicely!

Thanks for celebrate a bit with me! I hope you enjoyed the yummy photos of my golden birthday cake!

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Yana said...

Happy belated birthday!
The cake looks splendidly yummy!!! Please pass the recipe for both cake and frosting on


Aubree Cherie said...

This looks beyond amazing! I'm definitely craving a piece now :) I've added this recipe to My Fav Recipes from Last Week post.

Thanks! ~Aubree Cherie

Stephanie said...

Beautiful cake! I am a huge fan of carrot cake, and dessert for any occasion :)

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

{Yana} I emailed you! :)

{Aubree} As always, it is an honor! Thank you!

{Stephanie} It is my favorite for any party too! The texture is just so perfect :).

Sara Workman said...

Could you email me the recipe? This looks awesome!

Sara :)

Bringing Lady Back said...

Hi! I'm new to gluten, dairy, sugar, etc. - free eating, due to finding out my body doesn't like them. :(

I stumbled upon your blog, and I have to say, this cake looks so great! Could you please email the recipes?

bringingladyback at gmail dot com

Thank you so much!

Also, thank you for your blog. I have no idea how people did the allergy-free eating before the internet. It makes it much less stressful when people share their stories and recipes!


Anonymous said...

Could you e-mail the recipe to me :)

Thanks Gwen!!

Anonymous said...

I would love a copy of this recipe, too.



Malerie Hartwig said...

Jessi! My hubby and I made your vegan black bean burgers the other night and LOVED THEM! They are going in the permanent collection. :) Could I have this recipe, too? It looks scrumptious :)

Thanks girl :)

{Livin' a sweet and salty life} said...

You all are so kind! I emailed each of you, so check for it when you get a chance! Feel free to email me anytime. Just go to the Sweet & Salty Tale page and send me your "thoughts" :).

Happy baking all!

Jayme said...

Would you be so kind to share this recipe. It looks amazing and would like to use it for an upcoming birthday.

Thanks so much

{Sweet and Salty} said...

Jayme! I just emailed you the recipe as well as two fun frostings to pair with it :). Please let me know if you don't receive it and I'll resend. I hope the party is a success. Enjoy!

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