Tuesday, November 1

{The Everyday - Kelp Noodles}

Welcome to November! I cannot believe how fast this past month has gone and how quickly my life has changed.  We enjoyed our lovely trip to the Hawaiian Islands at the beginning of the month and spent the rest of it getting back into real life.  We were able to go to the beautiful and lush island of Kauai for our honeymoon and  I cannot wait to share all about the food culture and variety there. For now, just know that anyone with a common allergy could not only survive, but actually thrive.  There are wonderful options all over this beautiful island.  Honestly, it was so amazing, a move was and still is tempting....

As for today, I am back home in my lovely seaside home of Carlsbad and I am excited to share with you one of the most nutritious and unique foods in my refrigerator.  Kelp Noodles! Have you tried them? They are, at first glance, very odd looking and truly not that appealing, but believe me they are surprisingly fun. 

Full of fabulous fiber and rich in iodine, Kelp Noodles assist with digestion and boost your thyroid. Oh and did I mention they are practically calorieless... They can be found in most health food stores like Mother's, Jimbo's or even Sprouts on occasion. Kelp Noodles can be used to spice up a salad, add texture to stir fries or even to replace spaghetti if you're craving a hot dish with tasty marinara sauce.

To get started, I suggest washing and rinsing your noodles.  Then, using kitchen scissors, cut little 1-2 inches long pieces into a salad and see how you like the extra crunch.  Kelp Noodles can soak up flavor well, especially if they are allowed to marinate in a dressing or sauce. If you'd prefer a softer noodle I suggest you take this approach.  Next, try using longer cuts of the noodles in a stir fry with Coconut Secret's Coconut Aminos Seasoning Sauce. Add veggies and nuts and spices to your heart's delight! You really can't go wrong.  In the end it may remind you of a warm Thai noodle dish soaked in soy sauce, minus the calories and estrogen-filled soy.

If you really start to enjoy the flavor of this sea vegetable you should try other textures and flavors! Check out my recipe for Seaweed Rice Salad to get you started. 
Add this fun exotic food for some variety in your daily diet and let me know how it goes!Enjoy!


Samantha Nicole said...

Hmmm I'm curious to try! Are they super-salty? I am anticipating them tasting a bit like seaweed, is that the case? :)

A Sweet and Salty Life said...

Hi Sam! They're actually not salty. The kelp noodles have a very neutral taste, which is why I recommend using a flavorful sauce or dressing when cooking or eating them. The seaweed I use for the seaweed rice salad recipe is just the opposite. It is very salty and just a bit more adventurous for the average eater! Give each a try and see how you like it!

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