Saturday, November 12

{October Love - Kauai}

Sooooo we are back! A wonderful and amazing wedding left us beyond grateful for life, love and the many many dear friends the Lord has blessed us with in this season.  We flew off to lovely Kauai for our honeymoon to relax.  We were surprised by a few little bugs that joined us right away.  They took up residence in my sweet Love and had him in bed for most of the trip.  We got to know the local medical community pretty quick, making stops at medical clinics and eventually the Urgent Care, but fortunately we were still able to savor our time there. 

An absolutely gorgeous island, Kauai was lush and green on the Northern end where we stayed. It blends rain forest with ocean so well.  The local people were laid back and easy to relate to in the small towns like Hanalei.  I was surprised by the numerous options for vegan, vegetarian and everything-free diets.  Health food stores covered the island and many restaurants catered specifically to this crowd.  I fell in love with a few spots.  My favorite restaurant by far was Postcards Cafe in Hanalei.  No matter your food preference you will find many delicious options here.  It is a home transformed into a cozy and quaint cafe.  The service is attentive and personal, as well as knowledgeable about food intolerances and allergies. 

I found a darling little GF shop in Kapaa called Sweet Marie's.  Marie gets up at ridiculously early times to guarantee fresh baked goods for all the locals and visitors that crowd her shop for treats.  Next time, I plan to stop there as soon as I land and stock up on goodies for the stay. 

The island's "whole foods" equivalent is called Papaya's Natural Foods.  It has everything you could need and more to live and eat well during your stay.  There are a few on the island, but one is conveniently located across the road from Sweet Marie's for a quick double trip. 

We also ate at a unique restaurant called Bar Acuda.  It was a Spanish inspired dining experience.  We were served small beautifully and artistically displayed dishes. It was a bit pricey, but worth it for the unique experience. 

As recently obsessed coconut eaters, we were excited to try a fresh Hawaiian coconut.  Sadly, it was not anywhere near tasty.  It was a fermented old coconut.  We should have known better.  We'll stick to our fresh young Thai coconuts from now on!

Overall, I was wonderfully surprised by how easily I could enjoy food and life on this island.  I encourage you to visit and try these places as well, you won't be disappointed. 



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