Saturday, March 10

{Green & Clean Home Perfume}

Home air fresheners and spritzes  are typically full of chemicals! Yuck.... but who doesn't want fresh relaxing aromas throughout their home?  I have a love/hate relationship with smells.  I am very aware of the scents around me.  When I encounter a "rank" smell (as my husband would call it) a normal response typically includes a dramatic gasp, closely followed by nose wrinkles and a frantic run for fresh air. Yes, it may be a slight overreaction...  Give me a good smell and I am in heaven.  I love fresh, light airy aromas.  It might be that clean laundry smell that accompanies clothes fresh out of the dryer or the scent of freshly picked herbs, either way I want them around me all the time.

So the question is how do I get a wonderful scent without breathing in chemicals? Well, I decided to try and create my own freshener. It came to me after I peeled a fresh farmer's market treat, a juicy tangelo.  I wanted to savor the smell of the peel.  Pulling out my saucepan and filing it with enough water to cover the peel pieces, I began to simmer it.  I immediately thought it needed something else...  rosemary!  I had just brought home a little tree of live rosemary for our balcony.  I love rosemary.  Breaking a sprig off the tree and gently separating the leaves from the stem, I tossed the rosemary in with the peel and let its aroma fill the room.  So simple! The smell filled my apartment and truly created my perfect home aroma.

What a wonderful way to use every bit of what you eat and grow! I hope you try your own home perfume soon, combining your favorite foods and herbs. Once you do come back and share what you created! Enjoy!


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