Wednesday, July 13

{The Everyday-Trader Joe's GF Oats & Coconut Milk}

Today’s every day post is very exciting! I just LOVE making fun new discoveries in our local stores, especially ones that include inexpensive, quick and easy foods.  Trader Joe's is my hero this Saturday.  After enjoying a wonderful afternoon with Freddi Pakier preparing food for her Sunday cooking class, I stopped by TJ’s and found two wonderful treats.  I truly wish you all could have been there.  I was actually giggling in the aisle.  Definitely got a few confused looks, but I did not care in the least! Trader Joe's now carries GF Rolled Oats! Not a puny little bag, but a whole 2 pounds worth, all for $3.99.  WHAT!?

K, at this point I know some of you are saying….what is she so jazzed about and what are GF Oats?  Let me provide some context.  GF (gluten-free) Oats are Oats that  are not grown or harvested near Wheat, preventing the all too common cross-pollination issue.  If you are new to GF take note, Oats are not safe unless they are labeled GF.  Now to bring it home with TJ’s, when looking in other markets you will discover that the same amount (2lbs) of GF Oats will range between $8-$20 dollars.  Outrageous right? Hence, my excitement for the $3.99 Trader Joe's version.  Are you with me now?

Wow, I’m still excited; now onto my second find.  As many of you may have seen, our lovely TJ’s has begun to carry my favorite, Almond milk.  This has been one of my staples for a while and once again TJ’s version is a dollar or two cheaper than any other market.  While parousing this area I noticed a new addition, Coconut milk! Trader Joe's has finally caught up to the Coconut trend (a favorite trend of mine by the way)! I purchased a little vanilla flavored carton for $1.99 and walked away with a large smile on my face. 

My first action, once out the door, was to call my fiancé.  Not surprisingly the conversation consisted of me  talking about food and how TJ’s has risen back to the top of my favorites markets (Yes, I have a list of favorites and yes, I do visit them all frequently…kinda just live for it).  Needless to say, he is a very gracious and patient man.  I’m truly blessed.  Now, though, I am sharing the fun news with you! These are truly some fun and budget-friendly finds.  Hope you find these tips helpful in your weekly shopping.  Till next time…  Enjoy!


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